The Dungeon Escape

Have fun playing some of the best online games ever created.

In 2017 we are pleased to announce the unique Escape Dungeon which is ready for friends and family to play, click and review. Our website has four new rooms online which are very fun. Please play the game, and then share the news of your experience with your friends and groups.

The game is a strategy medieval video game, that involves lots of click play in rooms. We try not to be scary, but we are fun and playful. If you like traditional hidden room games you will enjoy the arcade style room escape game of Dungeon Escape.

This new dark castle level is absolutely free and doesn't require any in-game purchase. As a player, you will need to solve the cryptic puzzles and riddles in order to find your way through the door of the dungeon cell. Once you complete a level, you can try the next mini-game, and expect more challenging mysteries to be solved. Hence, be prepared for a world of tricky adventure, thrill, and excitement.

Inside this dungeon you will find a history book with clues. While this dungeon is not found in your typical house, you will enjoy this room.

This new game is ideal for all enthusiastic game lovers that simply love finding hidden objects and solving cryptic puzzles by applying their mindful skills. Take a break and enjoy your time! This particular online prison escape game is ideal for kids and teenagers as well, who like to play with the dragon.

The gameplay will sharpen a young kid's analyzing, critical thinking, searching and problem-solving power as they get involved in the gameplay. Once they intelligently solve the puzzles or mysteries quest and find out a way through the cell, fanatic game lovers will enjoy an ultimate of excitement and satisfaction.

Be sure to get lost in our magical dungeon puzzle game. It’s one special play area that won’t disappoint. Contact us with any questions or help needed. We will keep your info private as we have strict privacy policies. It is our policy to keep your info and questions secret.

Next up we plan to develop a high tower with more room puzzles for you to try. Download the mobile app to find out how the dragon takes place in the game. Also download to read the comics and find out why you are protecting the castle, it’s royal treasure and weapons for the King. Also, how you are helping the knights of the castle as a guild of justice member.

Be the main man, who wins the top level. Don’t be left watching TV alone and not playing healthy games. Enjoy life, win, and play the game!

Unlike some websites we do not need a privacy policy or terms and conditions because we do not take any information from the users.

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