Kitchen Escape Game:

Online escape games are a thrilling, intriguing, adventurous set of games in which a player solves a series of puzzles and riddles using hints, clues, and other strategies and completes the game objectives at hand. Online escape games are a new, fun, and exciting entertainment concept that anyone can try. Participants will be locked inside a themed adventure room and they must try to figure out how to escape before their wits run out.

So, are you looking for some exhilarating escape games that allow you to enjoy the ultimate thrill of adventure? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, you can try four excellent escape the room online games, such as Throne Room Escape, the Kitchen Escape, and the Bedroom Escape. As a player, you will need to well examine the surroundings and environment to escape. The aforementioned games are quite tricky and challenging, so be prepared to experience a real-time adventure.

You have probably read about great escape stories from novels, books, and watched them in several movies. Luckily for you, you can now gain a real-time exciting experience once you play the following games -- Throne Room Escape, the Kitchen Escape, and the Bedroom Escape. As the gameplay progress, you will feel anxious while solving the mystery and puzzles and you will enjoy an ecstatic excitement once you successfully solve the puzzles and complete a game level.

The best part is that the aforementioned online escape games can be played via an iOS app or Android app. All you will need to download the app and install it successfully in your portable gadget. Next, you are ready to enjoy an invigorating and stimulating gaming journey with Throne Room Escape, the Kitchen Escape, and the Bedroom Escape.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app today, play the enchanting escape room games, and complete a few levels.

Our games are not very scary, and they don’t have zombies or ghosts. In fact we pride ourselves in not being very scary. Personally I don’t have much stomach for horror. So rather than being a dark escape games they are a light, medieval artsy photorealistic new escape games. On the other hand our game is not cute. Just the same girls and boys alike will enjoy it - kids of all varieties.

Please contact us with questions or to submit your game ideas. Play the game in your house. Play with friends online. It takes skill and prowess to play our tap click games. But you’ll agree they are fun for all.

The Throne Room

"The Throne Room" has its own unique royalty feeling. As a player, you'll feel like a real-life king who's trying to find and figure out his/her way out of the castle by detecting hidden passageways. Rest assured that the journey of escaping the castle through secret passageways will be absolutely fascinating.

The Kitchen

Similar to The Throne Room and The Bedroom, this mindblowing free escape game is also not an exception. The game requires a keen and careful observation to discern hidden messages and find clues. A clue may be provided in some simple objects, such as inside a shake pot, in a beer bottle, in the furniture, or on the symbols of the kitchen walls.


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  • Android
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  • Apple TV